Who is the Anti-Christ now?

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com:

A recent article written by Daniel Spaulding, The Holy Business: End-Times Buffoonery in a Modern World, posted on 21st Century Wire, is well worth taking the time to read.

One of the central themes in my recent series of posts consisting of extracts from Dr. John Johnson’s The Path Of The Masters, is to emphasize how we have moved from true anarchy to degeneracy and with it the law that was once internally integrated within us has now become externally imposed, as Daniel puts it, by “baffoons” in a money-making racket of slavery to the high priests of many religions. In the current era, the high priests of psychology and psychiatry along with Big Pharma, propaganda and MKultra mind control, are slowly but surely taking over their territory. Daniel exposes many of them in his article along with the horrific political manta of Armageddon and all that entails. I would like to elaborate on his theme with special reference to his mention of the Shiite’s:

“Twelfth Imam, a messianic figure in Shiite Islamic eschatology.”

This figure is grossly misunderstood in the Western Christian World. Also known as the Mahdi, his destiny is closely linked to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He and his followers help to protect Christians and together they will fight the false Messiah also known as the Anti-Christ.

Remarkably, it is has been the Shiite Muslims, along with many Sunni we must add, who have played a major role in protecting and caring for some of the most ancient Christian communities in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, where recently they have been terrorized, killed in mass murders and the infrastructure of the communities destroyed by ISIL, ISIS or Al-Qeada, pick which ever acronym these madmen choose to use for themselves in either the past, present or future media propaganda display.

Western Christian counterparts, including the Vatican, have remained deathly silent, offering little to no assistance at all in the slaughter of these people or in the destruction of their most ancient towns and villages, many of which date right back to the inception of Christianity in 1 A.D, along with valuable texts and artifacts that have and are being destroyed.

Consider the following documentation that has occurred in the last few years:

Syrian Rebels Slaughter Christians


Obama’s Syrian Rebels Destroy A Christian Village


Iraqi MP Breaks Down in Tears Pleading Parliament to Save Yazidis from Genocide


20,000 Yazidi & Christians rescued by Kurdish Fighters from ISIS (English)


And for those who oppose Egypt’s President Sisi, the deposing of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi,  and Sisi’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, consider the following:

Threats of Bloodshed: How Egypt’s Ruling Muslim Brotherhood Treats Minority Coptic Christians


Egypt : Muslim Brotherhood wants to religiously cleanse the Middle East of Christians (Aug 15, 2013)

Egyptian Christians suffer Muslim Brotherhood backlash: 20 Coptic churches set on fire across Egypt

In Ukraine the same atrocities have occurred, but this time by Roman Catholic far right Nazis who have tortured, massacred and destroyed the infrastructure of Russian speaking Orthodox Christians in the Eastern part of the country in Donbass. There too humanity is undergoing a genocide and their churches destroyed.

Ukraine: See Orthodox believers pray in shell battered church

Panikhida (warning, some graphic images)

Ukraine Crisis. The Murders in East Ukraine. This is a Genocide of folk of the Ukraine.


One has to ask, who is the Anti-Christ now? The Shiites? The people of Donbass? Or the cabal? The Wahabi under many names and disguises; the Zionists; the “Christian Crusaders” carrying out a 1,000 year long policy, begun with the Fourth Crusade and the many crusades into Eastern Europe and the Middle East after that.  Today we find them in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Langley Virginia, the home of the CIA fascists and their Vatican aligned Blackwater mercenaries.

Vatican’s “Blackwater/Xe” (Catholic Knights of Malta) terrorist acts exposed: Vatican Crimes