Jim’s Rant For The Day. Rumors Of A U.S. Coup.

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by Jim, ResetUS.us

Whenever I get confused I go back to my 2012 article Humanity Awakens. That is the sum total of the visions of the collapse I was shown. The past week has been hectic with rumors abounding that Operation Jade Helm may be a roundup of the awakened U.S. citizens. Reports are very chaotic of the emergency war on Yemen. All of this begs the question of “Where is the U.S. Military now? Are they friend or foe?” In that 2012 article I said:

Even if [the military did a coup], look at what they would be exposing themselves to. Remember the Pottery Barn policy of “If you break it, You own it.” Well, that is certainly apropos here. No matter what, the economy will be obliterated. If the military acts before it does, they will own that and have to rectify it. The problem is so massive that there cannot ever be a “planned replacement” for it. The U.S. military cannot make decisions that dictates how the whole world will function. It is a problem that will continue to cycle through: fester, explode, calm, change, and cycle again and again. If the military tries to manage the problem, it will try to placate the top powerful few, out of necessity for the military to survive. And therein is the crux of the problem, for to steer the solution, you end up keeping the problem and not resolving it. It is one fight the military knows it cannot win [alone].”

Last week Benjamin Fulford hinted that the U.S. corporation was now bankrupt and that there may have been a military coup. Today he just came out and stated that there had been a military coup. You readers of a lessor god will get to read it Thursday, but in the meantime accept it. So now the issue is was there a coup and who’s side is the Military on now?

I have listened to a lot of YouTubes on the Jade Helm operation to train U.S. soldiers to supposedly extract certain prisoners and transport them to central detention centers. This is common to all of them.

Out of the several hours of watching and reading I can only come to one conclusion about the exercise. It can equally be interpreted as a roundup of the good people or a roundup of the Cabal. So which is it?

I can’t logically answer other than to again point out the dog problem we have in America. I keep hearing stories that the government is going to come around with a bullet sniffing dog to fetch our guns and ammo. We just don’t have that many trained dogs folks. And if you think trained dogs are expensive and hard to come by, check out how many Apache helicopters with crews there are to round up all those persons single-digiting the government. A more economical and feasible task for them is rounding up the Cabal.

Before we leave the helicopter rumors let me share this with you. I live 20 miles North of Navarre, Florida, where three weeks ago 11 men died in a training exercise to extract prisoners. Their helicopter was flying at just a few feet above an intercoastal waterway when it had to “jump a low bridge and then go down to water level again. It is felt that because of the extreme fog and non-visibility, the craft disintegrated when it hit the water at a high rate of speed. Navarre is 20 miles West of Eglin Air Force Base. Now here is my question. Were they training in the worst weather of the year and laying below Eglin’s radar or were they actually on a real extraction operation, say a high ranking person from Eglin? I don’t know and am just asking. But there does seem to be a lot of extraction activity ongoing, right?

So now lets look at the Middle East. I read an article a few days ago suggesting that the coalition with Saudi Arabia was well planned for some time. I just don’t buy that. I know the smell of fear when I see it. And that is fear. There is a mad circling of the wagons that can best be explained by the U.S. Military pulling out of the fray. That is precisely what I believe has happened. Hell, even Israel left their holy land to get into the bombing in Yemen. How unusual is this? No, that is an Ad Hoc pure ass panic reaction to the Buggy Man getting free.

All of this leads me to conclude that indeed a U.S. Military coup has occurred at least a week ago. Although you have not seen Fulford’s report this week, he reports that, for the most part, the war deceleration federation agreement has been accepted by the big players. I believe this has happened. The Military jumped in just as a world truce has been reached, absolving the Military of the global money problem. Now all they have to do is land the U.S. collapse and not the entire world.

The problem now is how long can the military keep it quiet? They must be planning to calm the U.S. Collapse panic and that must force them to reveal the coup sooner or later. I just don’t see it as being kept quiet for more than three weeks from today.

In the meantime, continue to prepare for the three month panic, just in case.

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