Guess What’s Being Discussed at the New, Secretive Bankers’ Meeting in DC?

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from The Wealth Watchmen, via The Daily

The Heads of Olympus Meet

Many of the shield brothers here will likely remember the closed-door meeting that President Obama conducted with most of the “whose-who” of Wall Street, back in the spring of 2013.  The details of that meeting, and its policy decisions weren’t for public eyes, but that’s not the reason why we’d all remember it.  Something far more serious would keep this event from falling down the memory hole.

After all, it was after that meeting(within one week of it, to be precise) that gold and silver were suddenly riddled with holes!  Quickly, and without mercy, the “thunderbolt algos”, took gold’s price through its all-important line of $1,525, and silver down through $26.

Here’s exactly what it looked like for gold, on the charts:

Gold meeting


It was a devastating attack, which carved off roughly 20% of gold’s price within a 3 week period. This mauling also happened to coincide just shortly after Germany first announced its intent to repatriate roughly 300 tonnes of gold reserves from the NY Fed.

Huh!  Imagine that.  That’s an awful lot of coincidences, right?

Yep, that’s all it was!

Now, why am I bringing this older, clandestine meeting of bankers in DC to mind today?  Well, there’s actually a very good reason.  You see, thanks to Ronan Manly, and GATA, we now know that this Friday, April 17th, there will be an important briefing conducted on financial matters, put on by an organization called, “The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum”(or OMFIF).

Who will be in attendance at this meeting of technocrats?

Well, according to OMFIF, it will be attended by “a select group of central banks and other official sector institutions”.  

“Big deal Watchman!  So central bankers are gonna get debriefed in DC, it happens all the time, why does this concern stackers?”

Ahh, that’s the best part, my friend!

I haven’t yet told you the title of the briefing, have I?  The title is:

Gold, the Renminbi, and the Multicurrency Reserve System


Now that certainly is an eyebrow-raiser, isn’t it?  And here I thought that all us “fools” in the gold and silver community were all simply “pumpers”, “alarmists”, and “shysters” to ever think that the US dollar wouldn’t go on forever as the world reserve currency!

That’s what some folks say, right?  After all, talking about things such as China’s making bilateral RMB trade agreements with Russia, Switzerland, or Frankfurt is just a bunch of “fear-mongering” malarkey!

No big deal!

The Dollar is just “too important”, and China too plagued with “problems” to ever seriously compete head to head against US debt instruments.  Global lenders will obviously go on permitting DC’s worst, criminal scumbags to rack up debts for immoral wars, and stupid, “money-hole”, welfare programs for thousands of years to come, right?

Dead(as-a-doornail) wrong!

Not only is that the diametric opposite of the truth, but it’s a fantastic line of thinking to take if you want to end up with a gaping hole blown in your net worth, for the rest of your life.

Oh!  Get this!  As if all this wasn’t enough, the timing of the meeting is the icing on the cake, as the briefings are to “take place during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group spring meeting in Washington.”

Gee, both the World Bank and IMF officials will all be there as well!  I wonder if they’ll get treated to brand new discussions from this winning, old lass, about “magic numbers”, and numerology!  Maybe she’ll even do some palm readings for all the attendees!

Christine Lagarde


Just think too, all of this is happening just 6 weeks after billboards like these were seen lighting up Bangkok!  Man, this is just too many coincidences!  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think that this stuff was all planned, or something!


Gold meeting 2


Naaaa!, that can’t be true, can it?  After all, that would make you and I a buncha’ kooky, “conspiracy theorists”! Yup, it sure is a strange, old world, with all these coincidences springing up like proverbial wildflowers!


Brothers, that would all be hilarious if it wasn’t exactly how 95% of Americans thought, tragically.

Seriously though, if you are like I was, and can’t wait for GATA to debrief you on the goings on there, then I have some bad news for you…

You’ll have to go on waiting, because unfortunately(and not surprisingly), the meeting is for those with “invitation only”.  After all, it wouldn’t be beneficial at all(for the trillionaires in our world) if the billions of folks around the earth knew about crucially-important monetary decisions before they’re enacted!  How would such other-worldly wise folks be able to maintain their positions of authority and power, if humanity actually pivoted for those decisions before they’re brought about?

Track Record 

Now, it’s possible that these folks are gearing up for an event that’s to take place much later, but remember, these people are all true insiders, and historically seem to speak to things which aren’t too long off.

After all, they did give this press release way back in January of 2013:

Gold meeting 1

The funny thing though, was that this announcement about rising gold demand happened just weeks prior to the China’s epic demand ramping up to its highest levels yet, as we spoke of in earlier parts of this article.

Oh!  and one last thing to take note of: these conferences are all co-hosted by the World Gold Council.  It’s just one more reminder(as if we needed any) that the WGC is tied-at-the-hip to the world’s gold market riggers and central bank planners.

This is the same WGC that claims that China’s annual gold demand is a mere 1,000ish tonnes a year!  Fortunately Koos Jansen has repeatedly called them out on their chicanery, and they’ve had to somewhat adjust those Chinese gold reports, nevertheless, the WGC is part of the criminal banking cabal.

They’ve never taken a stand against gold market rigging…

They’ve never taken a stand for the gold-mining industry…

They’ve never hesitated to under-report gold demand figures, while under-estimating gold price targets.

They’ve never stopped publicly downplaying the importance of gold’s role as a monetary asset.

I do believe after the meeting is over, we’ll have some sort of brief paragraph report on the “findings”, as they gave about a previous meeting above.  The Chatham House Rule has been invoked for the meeting, meaning, that attendees can quote what was said there, but they can’t give the name the source of the quote.  This leads me to believe that some mid-level insiders will likely be given permission to release a few squibs from the tippy top.

I know, how generous, right?

Either way, as always, the planners gonna plan, but those who have the most right to know what’s being discussed, will be nowhere in sight.  The plain, honest-to-God truth is that NOBODY has more of a right to be there at those meetings than the common man does!

We are the ones whose sovereignty has been stolen by these perps for generations!  We are the ones who have to live with the decisions which are made!  We are the ones whom all the debt-slavery systems are intended for.

You and I have spent a great deal of time studying these issues, and trying to disseminate and spread the word about the Global Reset that is shortly to take place.  I’ve had some decent successes in convincing others, but I know that many here have not.  That’s frustrating, I know.

Most Americans, or Western folks in general, not only don’t know that Bretton Woods II is going to be scrapped, they don’t even know what “Bretton Woods II” is!  Nor do they care!

That’s ok though, when “IT” hits, and the chips fall where they may for billions of people, at least you did what you could for those who are closest to you.


I wanted to bring this meeting to light, because it’s all just further proof that everything, and I mean everything, we’ve spoken of here, is not only true, but closer than ever to actually occurring.  It may not be next week or next month, but big decisions have been made, and are being made, about undeniable realities of a rapidly changing geo-political dynamic.

Russia, China, and India etc are knocking “King dollar” off his pedestal, and he’s never going to regain it.  The current, soaring dollar “strength”, due to many temporal global factors, should be embraced by anyone with ears to hear, for what it is:

One last, great opportunity to get much lighter in dollars, and heavier in sovereign forms of wealth, like silver and gold!

That’s precisely what I’m using it for, and I hope you’re doing the same.  It took a great deal more conviction 10 to 15 years ago, to take the position we’ve just discussed.  Today though…it doesn’t take much courage at all!

I mean, geez, the signs are all there, anyone can see it!

At this point, only the willfully blind, or the agents of disinformation say otherwise.

Both the Eastern Bloc, and the banksters are making their move, and the vanguard like us, will just have to keep fighting and pivoting until it all comes out in the wash.

“I know Watchman, I know….but all the same, I wish GATA could be there as a fly on the wall!”

That’s simply not a likelihood, friend.  This is a “criminals only” kinda meeting!

But brother, if it makes you feel any better, for what it’s worth, GATA has sent a request for an invitation…but hasn’t received it yet.

Bah, no worries…I’m sure it’s in the mail right now!

Gold meeting 7

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