California Drought Update April 28, 2015, Hawaii Low Destroyed

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from The Haarp Report

This shows a low pressure system, being destroyed, on April 25, 2015. This probably would have brought heavy rains to California, but we’ll never know, now.

For the meteorologists: The low pressure was not destroyed by a southerly inflow of warm air, since the surface low continued to strengthen, at the same time, that the low pressure in the jetstream vanished. Therefore, any change in water temperature, or warm air inflow at the surface had NOTHING to do, with the sudden disappearance of the low pressure, in the jet stream.

I am asking for 1,000 people, on the west coast, to use this approach to fight the weather terrorists: Use a second PC, to download new weather maps, every 12 hours. A cheap KVM (keyboard video monitor) switch will let you use a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard. After capturing a week of weather maps on the second PC, go through them, to look for abnormal events. This is the easiest, and cheapest, way to fight the weather warfare. This is something, POWERFUL, that you can do, to stop the west coast drought, or chemtrails over your area!

Our planet is now officially dying, from the accelerating, unstoppable, methane release, caused by the melting Arctic. Therefore the US Navy SBX ionospheric heaters are being used, as a terrorist weapon, against the entire planet. The ICC, NATO, and all nations of the world MUST unite quickly to shut down the genocidal use of these US Missile Defense Agency weapons. Here is a link, showing the out of control, venting Arctic methane:… Methane is such a powerful greenhouse gas, that we are now passing the “tipping point”, toward uncontrollable global heating. This is the worst crisis, our planet has faced, in 55 million years. The methane release is being deliberately hidden, from the human race, due to the rage and retribution, that will be directed against those responsible. It is time to wake up, OR die asleep.

Here are the weather maps I use (all of this is free) :……………………………………