“Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!” War, an outdated 20th century mentality in a 21st century world

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com: 


According to Dr. Jim Willie, the Tsar of Russia contributed large amounts of Russian Gold towards creating an international banking system and to uplift the world out of poverty. 100 years ago it was the heady days of diminishing monarchies and growing Republics, the Tsar in turn, intended moving Russia towards a similar system as Westminster has today.

Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and the Kuhn, Leob and Cobankers stole this gold and funded Lenin and Stalin to go into Russia, destroy the growing middle classes, (although history books place emphasis on the nobility in this destruction,) install communism and take away the right to own private property and free enterprise and along with it, destroyed the Orthodox Christian church which was the first Christian body formally established in Constantinople in Greece in 345 A.D. They also killed the Tsar and his family. Putin is well aware of this.

In WW2 American bankers convinced the Chinese nobility to hand over their gold for safety, giving them bonds which would mature in 1999. They then funded the Maoist revolution, installed communism, destroyed the growing middle class and took away their right to own private property and free enterprise, and along with it the very old traditions in China that pre-date Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the teachings of Confucius and Leo Tse. The Chinese are well aware of this. The  “ 8 Immortal Families”that James Corbett refers to  in his recent interview with SGT Report  are not  the royal families of China now in Hong King and Taiwan who entrusted their gold to the USA, along with every other country in the world after WW2 to “protect it” during the Cold War With Russia.

In 1999 the debt came due, the gold was supposed to be returned, but the Chinese had to take them to the court in the Hague in order to get it back, the American bankers lost the case. Due to gold price rigging and hypothification, they did not have enough gold , ( or it was stolen by private interests)  so they cut a deal and delayed repaying it until 2007 or 2008 and in return bought themselves some time, and moved all US industry to China instead as part of the deal. It was a good deal until they could not repay the gold in 2007 or 2008.

By this time Russia and China were as mad as hell. Putin since 1999 took over and threw out all the corrupt western bankers who had been raping Russia and running it into the ground since the fall of the Soviet Union. He also restored the Orthodox Christian Church and he has never forgotten the issue of the Tsars gold. Or that the Tsar and his family were murdered thanks to Western bankers.

A very good article by F. William Engdahl: Reply to a Reader’s Complaint about Anti-American Pro-Russian Bias

It seems to me that Russia and China have been heavily invested in GLD certificates, that is stupid bits of paper that are not real gold and since 2008 have been dumping this rubbish when the London and NY stock exchange opens, crashing the price then buying real gold when the Chinese and Russian stock markets have opened. Through these tactics they have successfully moved the world’s gold supply from West to East , in effect taking back what was in turn stolen from them in the first lace. Since 2008 they have not only stocked up on HUGE amounts of gold which have not been fully disclosed, but they have also put in new banking systems, BRICS and the AIIB and are in the process of installing their own equivalent of SWIFT. .

The only way to have stopped the Russians and the Chinese from moving gold from the West to the East at such low prices, would have been to return to a proper free market economy and a real Gold Price based on the real metal and not all the pieces of confetti floating around , GLD certificates that are not worth the toilet paper they are written on. But this would have resulted in a major devaluation of the dollar and people would have changed their fiat currency for real money, ie gold, not confetti.

England in turn, who has had a long history with the Chinese and Hong Kong going back to before the Mayflower landed in Boston, have been moving shop and allegiance to the East, along with their gold. Take a look at the front cover of the Economist, and where people stand, it is very revealing. Hint, focus on the right hand side of the picture:

Another factor that comes into play is Barrick mining. They had acquired a  Gold mine in Chile but were in litigation over the legality of ownership for almost 15 years. This mine has… well tons and tons of gold. Nobody thought they would ever lose this case, but they did in early 2013. But even more than that, Barrick had sold gold to individuals and countries when they had NOT EVEN MINED ONE OUNCE, one of whom was Germany. I strongly suspect that this is the Gold that Germany is really angry about, … they are mad as hell. They paid for it and there is no delivery, they did not pay for pieces of paper. Germany and many other European nations as a result have now joined the AIIB. If Barrick had not lost the case, the Gold price would now be well on its way to over $2,000, and the US would have been able to replenish it’s Gold reserves to some extent and the so called “reset”in the world’s financial system would have already taken place. It was a major blow…to the USA that is.

Instead we have a disaster in Libya, war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and  Ukraine and the very real possibility of WW3. The US is bankrupt, in debt for trillions and has sent all its industry to China leading to poverty and unemployment at home and…. it appears they have no gold. But this does not include gold in private storage by private individuals, referred to as “The Cabal,” being Rockerfeller and his band of merry snake oil salesmen!

Referring to James Corbett’s report. Yes the Chinese royal families are a “cabal,” in so far as they come from a very old line of royalty. It was their Gold that was moved to the USA and to date has not been returned. But are they really in with the Western Cabal and the likes of Kissinger and Brezinski and Rockerfeller and Bush? I very much doubt it. One sign of this was how the “Umbrella Revolution,” yet another Soros funded attempt, fizzeled out like a damp squid in Hong Kong and went nowhere. There is a difference between the Cabal controlled  ” 8 immortal families” of the Chinese communist party and the cabal Chinese royal families. The big question is, has Chinese leadership in Bejing today switched sides? Or are they still in Kissinger’s pocket? I would guess not. But time will tell. If the royal families have been largely instrumental in the move of gold from West to east, through Hong Kong and to the benefit of China itself, this would suggest a breakaway of China not only from the Western Cabal, but from the Western control of the Chinese cabal in China itself.

Now add the following into the mix:

Saddam was going to sell oil to Europe in Euros, but then he got taken out, something about WDMs as I recall, that never existed in the first place. The question that nobody asks is this:

How do European business men feel about a war that put a stop to trade for oil in Euros?

I will answer that one for you if I may. Mad as hell.

Then before Gadaffi was taken out by “we came, we saw, he died”Hitlery,  European companies were in negotiations to develop Lybian aquifers and start large scale farming (not GMO) and offer their assistance and technology. But Libya got bombed to blazes instead. The question that nobody asks is this:

How do European business men feel about the destruction of what could have been a highly lucrative and beneficial project, not only for Libya and North Africa, but Europe as well?

I will answer that one for you if I may. Mad as hell.

Because of this war Europe now has boat loads of refugees from Africa trying to land in Europe. So they have cut a deal with Egypt to take the CIA funded and trained mercenaries out, the same way Egypt has taken out the Muslim Brotherhood who was funded by Obama and Clinton in order to use the Egyptian army in a war against Syria, Iran and Ethiopia, creating yet another holocaust for not only Shia Muslims but Orthodox Christians in the Middle East and Africa as well.

It is not surprising then that many European nations have joined the AIIB, have been in negotiations with the Chinese and the Russians for the last ten years and are planning a major fast rail system from Beijing to Lisbon. They are all moving east. After two World Wars funded by American Nazi bankers and industries, names that include Rockfeller, Bush, Ford and Kennedy, they are mad as hell and they do not intend to have yet another world war on their soil, no matter how much “f*ck the EU”-Nuland, McCain-bomb Ian and Brezinski- “The Grand Chessboard,” keep trying to get one going in Ukraine.

IMF and the World Bank

Christine LaGarde said it in her now famous number 7 speech. That the IMF hoped to keep a foot in both worlds, the west and the east. As I understand it, China has had their nose out of joint for some time as they have not been given equal voting rights at the IMF and World Bank. Another motivation for BRICS and the AIIB. A case of, if you will not let me play then I will start my own game. LaGarde obviously knew about all the plans for the AIIB when she made her no.7 speech. Apparently it is the Americans who have been holding out and have not wanted to give the Chinese equal voting rights at the IMF in the same way they tried to stop their “Allies” from joining the AIIB.

From what I am hearing both the IMF and the World Bank are fully aware of the planned developments of the Silk Road. This is a major project in Asia with railroads, infrastructure etc. involving Russia, India , China and all the Stans with links through to Europe. The gas pipeline between Russia and China and the fast rail link between Beijing and Moscow are only the beginning and a very small part of what they have planned for the future.

There is no way that the IMF and the World bank want to be left out of what is going to be a very lucrative and on going project that will last for the good part of the first half of this century and possibly well towards the end of it. And you are looking at very high population groups in both China and India. “Boom town,” would be a way to describe the possibilities. This whole project has been held back by the following:

a) The world financial situation based on the dollar and the petro dollar, aggravated by corrupt bankers on Wall Street, the 2008 crash, the Libor scandal, illicit High Frequency trading, currency rigging and gold price manipulation and rigging. Quite a long list and enough to cause major dissatisfaction amongst those individuals and countries who have, through these corrupt practices, been robbed of their wealth.

b) The wars in the Middle East, North Africa and now the in Ukraine.

If these issues are not resolved, Europe will be left out of the picture and Russia, India ,China, Iran, Syria and the Stans  will go it alone along with South Africa and Brazil and as it seems, many other South American countries as well as Asian countries like Vietnam and the Koreas, both north and south.

Nobody wants war, except for McCain and Adelson and Brezinski and BB and the gang. War is only profitable for the USA and Israel. For Europe and the rest of the world, as we have seen in both WW1 and WW2 as well as in the Middle East, North Africa and Ukraine, it is a social, economic and political disaster preventing the whole planet from moving forward towards a better and more prosperous future.

“Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran,” – an outdated 20th century mentality in a 21st century world.