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US Border Patrol Agents Burn Man Alive, While US Gov’t Burns Constitution & Bill of Rights

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by Semper Fidelis, The Phaser.com:


WARNING: The video below is deeply disturbing. Please do NOT watch it if you are not prepared to see the execution of an American citizen at the hands of US Border Patrol agents.

I was made aware of this horrific video today by Paul Joseph Watson who tweeted, “another wonderful advertisement for the US Border Patrol.” Unfortunately, for the young man who was MURDERED by the US Border Patrol in March of 2012 on Interstate 8 in Pine Valley, California, that’s the understatement of the century.

According to NBC SanDiego.com:

A plainclothes agent is seen using a flashlight to break the passenger side window. He then raises up his Taser and shoots inside. Immediately, an explosion rocks the car, throwing the agent against the hillside behind him.

The passenger inside, a US citizen, was a lost, exhausted young man named Alex Martin who, according to his family’s attorney, was driving for 22 hours on his way back home from Texas when he got lost in Pine Valley, California. Court documents indicate that Border Patrol agents tried to pull him over for driving the wrong way on Interstate 8.

What you will see in this dash cam video will rock you to your core. It shows the violent overreach of representatives of the STATE, in a fit of fury, overreach that directly results in the EXECUTION of an American citizen – without charges, without Habeas corpus, without a trial. Judge, jury, execution.

Andie Adams from Channel 7, San Diego explains:

Martin burned to death. The video shows that instead of trying to save him, all of the agents pulled their vehicles away from the scene.

“All three of those cars had large fire extinguishers in them and standard equipment,” Iredale said. “Not one of these agents ever even tried to spray any of the fire extinguisher solution on that car.

Before watching the video, please keep be aware that one of the Border Patrol agents pulled his car up on the driver’s side door of Alex Martin’s vehicle. Martin was effectively TRAPPED inside.

Here is the link to the horrifying video. Please skip it and keep on reading if you do not want to see this execution.

There was a time in America, not too many decades ago, when cops were known as “peace officers”. When Border Patrol agents were busy protecting our BORDERS instead of harassing, assaulting and executing American citizens. How did we get here? How did we get to a place where men wearing badges act in ways violent enough to extinguish the life of an American citizen on the side of a highway?

Though I doubt Border Patrol agents intended to murder Alex Martin, that’s exactly what they did. He was burned alive in his own car, on the side of a California highway, and the cowards who killed him made no effort at all to pull him from the burning car. They made NO effort to extinguish the flames. They backed away and they watched him die.

This brutal execution is really the prefect metaphor for what we see happening to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights right now, isn’t it?

Even as the United States military prepares for the multi state eight week “exercise” Jade Helm in which Texas, Utah and part of California are labeled “hostile”, our elected “Representatives” remain silent. Infowars explains:

“The U.S. Army Special Operations Command responded to reports about the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise by characterizing concerns about the drill “alarmist,” but failed to address why Texas and Utah had been labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.”

And it’s not just our elected Representatives, it’s the mainstream media and the majority of American citizens who remain silent – or blissfully unaware. As the last pretenses of our Constitutional Republic are being trampled, dismantled, or burned alive – aside form the minority of us who are awake, aware and horrified, most in this nation are just backing away and watching the execution.

May God have mercy on those of us who spoke up and spoke out, in this formerly great nation.


  1. patriotfromthenannystate

    March 25, 2015 at 11:37 am

    Hello, no video in this article?

    • The Phaser

      March 25, 2015 at 11:43 am

      Click the link to it : This is the link to the horrifying video. Please skip it and keep on reading if you do not want to see this execution.

    • The Phaser

      March 25, 2015 at 4:53 pm

      It is EMBEDDED IN THE CLICKABLE LINK which says “THIS is the video”

  2. sketch

    March 25, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    The national training center for CBP is in West Virginia, an hour or so outside of DC. Feel free* to stop by and protest….

    * Void where prohibited.

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