The Debate: Will Bush & Blair Be Prosecuted For War Crimes? Ken O’Keefe VS. Lee Kaplan

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from PressTV

Twelve years have come and gone since the US and the UK’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. Besides the war being based on a false pretense, the invasion of the sovereign country of Iraq and the aftermath that took place is an example of one war crime after another. From the so called shock and awe invasion which left areas in chaos and scores of people killed to the black op prisons, to the use of incendiary weapons against military personnel and civilians alike to the indiscriminate use of phosphorous bombs which have left a trail of death, destruction and birth defects probably for generations, many Iraqis and others want to know when will the US and the UK leader be tried for war crimes during the invasion of Iraq?

Guests: Ken O’Keefe, Peace Activist & Former US Marine & Lee Kaplan, Investigative Journalist


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