Police State

State Senator Speaks Up about Police Terrorism!

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from Gavin Seim

It’s not about race, it’s about justice. -Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers talks about police abuse on our streets. Other members are now calling for his resignation.

Now the Senator is not someone I would agree with on many things. But bravo for speaking candidly. No he was not tactful, but it’s time to address the massive abuse of the militarized police and stop pretending it’s an isolated issue. Look past the surface. It’s not about race. It’s about justice.

We must judge individual actions. But we cannot deny the truth that in America Bureaucratic Terrorism abounds! Are most cops really good cops? Let’s talk about that.. https://callmegav.com/2014/12/are-mos….

I don’t disdain authority. I disdain injustice!

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