More Evidence of Israeli Collaboration with Terrorists in Syria

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by Richard Edmonson, via Fig Trees and Vineyards

Blogger Richard Silverstein has posted a report that provides additional evidence, if any were needed, of Israeli support for terrorists rebels operating in Syria.

According to Silverstein, the Israeli Shin Bet has arrested a member of the Druze community in the Golan Heights who followed a group of rebels to a clandestine meeting with Israeli forces, filmed a video about it, and made the video available to Syrian TV, which aired it nationally.

Apparently Israeli officials were enraged at having been discovered, so they placed the man, Sedki al-Maket, under arrest. It wasn’t by any means his first. Silverstein says the 48-year-old man has spent 27 years of his life in Israeli jails and prisons. At any rate, here is a brief excerpt from the article, followed by a link:

The Shin Bet doesn’t want any further leaks about such collaboration because it allows the Syrian regime to paint the rebels as Israeli stooges.  It also gives the lie to those Israeli intelligence figures and journalists who’ve spoken falsely about Israel remaining neutral regarding the two sides fighting in Syria.  Despite numerous air attacks against Syrian government facilities, assassinations of Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian military, and security cooperation with rebels, Israel continues to maintain the fiction it hasn’t chosen sides. If anyone wonders why Islamists are beheading western journalists and occupying Iraq and Syria, while carefully avoiding Israeli targets, this will explain a lot.

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An article such as this probably underscores about as much as anything the farce of having the Israeli prime minister in Washington, with a scheduled address before Congress tomorrow, presumably for the purpose of advising us on how to defeat terrorism.

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