In Case You Still Have Any Doubts About Hollywood Being Jewish…

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by Richard Edmonson, Fig Trees and Vineyards

In case you still have any doubts about Hollywood being Jewish, this should dispel them forever. The first three minutes or so of this video are basically an intro to set you up for what follows–and what follows is a pastiche of movie and TV clips whose producers and directors obviously had the intent of “jazzing up the Jews,” shall we say. If you can’t stomach the entire hour and forty six minutes you are forgiven.

“Chosenness,” victimization, and of course lots of sex. “Hollywoodism” is the name the video maker gives to this disorder, or aberration, if you will, an industry that arose in the  early-to-mid 20th century and has since had such a powerful and contaminative effect on American culture.

Hopefully one day the country will recover.



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