Going Underground: Arming ISIS & profit from African food poverty

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interview from RT


Afshin Rattansi goes underground on African food poverty. Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now describes it as a ‘scandal in the 21st century that people can still starve in a world that has so much,’ and points out that it is not a lack of food that’s the problem, ‘the problem is it ships it all out to meet the luxury demands of people in the West.’ Michelle Alison, Women’s representative for the Kurdish National Congress, warns that the ‘same mistake’ is being made as so-called moderate rebels are armed, and that without American weapons ‘I don’t think ISIS could really fight like that.’ We take a look at the King of Jordan, who addresses the European parliament today. We look at the headlines in Breaking Views, with Amal Clooney’s fight for the Elgin Marbles ruffling some feathers. And a report reveals that 9 out of the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than research.

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