10 reasons why the DHS shutdown is the best thing that will never happen

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by Alissa Kokkins, via Activist Post.com


With the House set to debate a Department of Homeland Security funding bill to avert the looming DHS shutdown today, mainstream media is doing its usual thing with the DHS narrative. Story after story about the DHS shutdown from mainstream media is angled with doom and drama. Gasp! If DHS shuts down, whatever shall we do? Who is to blame? Democrats or Republicans? As usual, the most important point is being overlooked by MSM:

A DHS shutdown would be fucking awesome! Let’s face it, there has been nothing but ++fascism and civil liberty abuses since DHS was founded on November 25, 2002. Packaged on the heels of the Patriot Act and Bush’s weapons of mass destruction lies about Iraq, the Department of Homeland Security is a central hub for some of America’s most inadequate and tyrannical government agencies.

So let’s indulge and take a look at why the looming DHS shutdown is the best thing that will never happen (at least not voluntarily), shall we?

10. Make fascists pay! Even if DHS shuts down, 85% of DHS employees would still be going to work… without pay. How long do you think DHS’ 240,000 employees are going to show up to work for free, at shitty jobs where they serve as tools for a corrupt, fascist empire? Not to mention that the one thing slaves, er I mean employees, hate the most is not getting paid. Not paying an entire work force will cause a lot of grumbling. This could turn into the loyalty of government employees beginning to slip away en masse, and well either way…

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