The Tax Wall Street Party: America’s Answer To Syriza

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by Stuart J. Hooper, via 21st Century Wire.com

Now that is has been proven that a political party standing in opposition to the Anglo-American Oligarchy is capable of coming to power, it is time to bring the same values to power on home-turf. You won’t find those values in the Republican or Democratic parties, but you certainly will in the breakout and politically savvy Tax Wall Street Party.

Greece has now rejected the demands of international financiers.

The Anglo-American Oligarchy’s Biggest Fear

Even before the election, it was obvious that Syriza was going to cause shockwaves throughout global politics. Syriza’s victory identified austerity as a failure of a policy route and signalled the beginning of world rebellion against Wall Street rule. This caused a spiralling showing of fear from the likes of British PM David Cameron, who suggested Syriza’s victory would “increase economic uncertainty”; meaning it would increase uncertainty for the ruling Anglo-American, oligarchic financial class. This fear mongering continued as British Chancellor, George Osborne, suggested Syriza could cause more damage in the world than growing Middle Eastern conflicts.

It makes sense that the British in particular would be worried, as both Cameron and Osborne are currently presiding over and implementing an austerity program that is willing to let people die to ‘balance’ a budget by cutting healthcare funding and leading to citizens committing suicide as local authorities hunt them down for minuscule amounts of money. The ridiculous anti-Syriza rhetoric culminated in a completely unverified, badly sourced and fear-mongering report from CNN that attempted to frame the entire state of Greece as a ‘hub’ for terrorism.

So what does all of that tell us? It suggests the message Syriza is pushing is immensely dangerous for the ruling elite who have been solely responsible for the financial catastrophe we are currently living through. Of particular danger to the ruling Anglo-American financiers are Syriza’s proposals to adopt a tax on financial transactions, prohibit the use of speculative financial derivatives, combat banking secrecy, suspend debt payments until economic growth and employment have returned, demand the European Central Bank funds programs of public investment, nationalize previously public companies and failing banks, leave NATO and much, much more. It is now recognised that such a program for real change is required in the heart of the West itself.

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