The Silliest Man on the Planet

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from LaRouchePAC:

Barack Obama’s recent so-called “State of the Union” address marked him as one of the silliest men on the planet in the past 20 years. Everything he said was either stupid, or a damned lie. He spoke of a “recovery” at the very moment when Wall Street is poised on the brink of a crash even greater than that of 2008,— and just as Obama was joining with John Boehner and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, to erase the few remaining banking restrictions of the Dodd-Frank bill, so that taxpayers would be forced to bail out the worthless oil-derivatives of the bankrupt Wall Street banks, as those banks blow out again.

Obama must be torn apart for his silliness and fraud. Even as Obama was speaking, he was ordering new European moves against Russia. Obama is working for a thermonuclear war, now, to rescue Wall Street. Obama’s pressure on Europe for new sanctions against Russia, as a prelude to war, has been so intense that EU leader Donald Tusk issued an anti-Russian statement today in the name of all the European governments, threatening Russia with more sanctions, without even checking with the new, anti-austerity government of Alexis Tsipras in Greece, which promptly disowned the statement, saying

“it does not have our consent.”

Never has an EU government disowned one of these statements before.

People are coming to our side from different parts of the world. The Greek victory has been a great inspiration,— with all its imperfections, the goodness was there, despite the imperfect understanding by many of what they were doing. We’ve reached another breaking point: it’s no longer “we Europe,” but a disunited Europe. And the BRICS have become a major factor in the world. There’s no longer any one leading opinion dominating the world with its force; it’s not there.

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