THE LIES & DEPRAVITY of Politicians & The U.S. Mockingbird Media

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from SGT Report.com:

Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics.com joins me to dissect the latest REAL news and information. We start with the latest lies about Putin and Russia and quickly move on to the duplicity and treachery of the mockingbird mainstream media.

Rob breaks it down perfectly, “The reality is the media conspires with and is complicit with the governing class and the financial Elites and the Globalists who control the world… This speaks to the very essence of everything we talk about because we can bracket it all by saying, conspiracies DO exist, conspiracies are actually the norm rather than the exception and they are hiding in plain view when you’ve got sniveling lying scumbags like Brian Williams who are given such a wide berth to sell such enormous lies in so many different areas regarding issues that so profoundly affect everybody. So there it is, the stench of the mainstream press. This is a very very profound event that has occurred with Brian Williams because what it has done, it’s put a big label on the entire Western press as treasonous pieces of garbage…These people, you can’t say nasty enough things about them. But you know what? They’re signing their own death warrants by doing what they’re doing.”