Proof of Precious Metals Bull Market Always Reflected Here

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from The Wealth Watchman:

As I’ve mentioned before to our warriors, if you want to show newcomers the real bull market in precious metals these days, the best place to point them isn’t the price charts.  While prices are much higher than they were 10 years ago, they’re also a snapshot of a crime in progress. We shouldn’t forget that.  As Brother John has said, the charts are a picture of the manipulation plan in action, a plan that we don’t fully know til it’s in hindsight.  Gold and silver price charts are photos of high financial deceit, and as we all know, photos can be doctored.

This is especially true in the gold and silver arena, where banks like JP Morgan, Scotiabank, etc have more control over every brush stroke than ole Bob Ross himself!

Want to take the morale of chart-watching stackers, and chop it up in a blender for 3 or 4 years?  No prob!


Want to give the impression of a “false break out” on Leap Day 2012, and really pull the rug out from under the new spec longs for another 3 years?

Gold 5


These charts are cleverly-painted, over many years, to communicate a false narrative that those in power want, no, NEED the common person to see and hear.

It’s no different than when they tell us things like:

“The job market is getting better, trust us!”  (while they doctor the BLS data with silly “birth/death” models, and stop counting folks who’ve given up searching for work altogether)

“There is no inflation!”   (while their models leave out nifty items like medical care, insurance, food, housing, higher education, cab fares, and the stock market itself)

“We need to spend trillions fighting a ‘War on Terror’”!   (As they go about starting coups, training ISIS, and overthrowing democratically-elected governments around the globe)

Just as with those items, the constant, criminal rigging of gold and silver is necessary for DC and the banks, in order to reinforce the bold-faced lie that everything is hunky dory in the West.

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