NEO – American Ambassadors: Old Dogs and Old Tricks

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The White House will not only be using its ambassadors to bring a color revolution, but may try to put other tricks to “good use”

by Vladimir Odintsov, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, via Veterans Today.com:

[ VT Editor’s Note: Vladimir Odintsov takes us behind the scenes into a story that Western media has chosen to ignore, the below the radar conversion of the State Department into America’s primary tool of regime change around the world.

It is now the tip of the spear in many of these efforts, which huge funding, and its own intelligence and paramilitary operatives.  Where in the past this kind of work was strictly a CIA domain, it have been shifted over into the State Department for its diplomatic cover.

As Vladimir describes below, ambassadors moving up the promotion line into regions where America is on the attack, their successful regime change overthrow record is their main qualification for being selected to knock off the next country.

The American people have never vetted this policy because the powers that be know they would never approve an offensive overall strategy like this. So in effect we have experienced what is actually a kind of soft coup in foreign policy, where being on the offense is hidden from Americans under slogans like “pursuing our interests” which of course include knocking off other countries.

The NeoCons love all this of course, but Democrats who claim to know better have also been aboard this train and seem to be enjoying the ride. Where are all the anti aggressive war lefties who used do marches against things like this? Have they all died off?

The biggest irony is that this Neo-Cold War aggression that went into full speed under the Bush regime has been continued by the Obama administration without missing a beat. Sure, the Bush hoodlums left stay behinds like Victoria Nuland in key non-political positions that could not be changed via political appointments.

"Do unto others...before they do it unto you."

This is part of what had fueled the over generalization that there is no difference between the two parties really. This is a lazy prognosis, and one that VT has always refuted.

They are different, and just because they aren’t in particular areas, like the one today, does not convert them into the same things with different wrapping.

Each policy issue has to be analyzed on its own. This is more work, which casual readers don’t have time to do.

We have VT people who brief foreign leaders on the many anomalies and apparent inconsistencies in American politics and foreign policy. They are not interested in slogans and over simplified explanations…well…most of them anyway. So we thank Mr. Odintsov and NEO for their contribution.

The people in the East are closer to much of this and can see more clearly than we. We all can become smarter and stronger by combining our research and analytical resources to do a better job where bigger efforts are requiredJim W. Dean ]

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