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by Jim, via ResetUS.us:


So much news came out yesterday that I had to stop posting to keep from overwhelming the working readers. I will recap yesterday’s news here.

Ben Fulford Blurb: Ben says that the CIA has been taken over by the Pentagon to satisfy the rest of the world that the U.S. Is in change. If true, this is a major deal. He also says that this is to locate missing nuclear weapons and prevent nuclear blackmail.

Homeland Security: Several stories are floating out there today. First last night part of Congress shot down their funding bill by one vote. Is this a game and just wheeling and dealing?

Some are suggesting that the American Mall attack warning by Homeland’s chief on Sunday TV was a scare tactic to gain continued funding. But be aware that the official spokesperson for Homeland on Monday said that there is no real mall threat, going in the face of her boss. That is the same chief that said if homeland is not funded all workers will have to keep working anyway.

One major writer said yesterday that the rest of the world has demanded that Homeland be closed now. We are told that their funding ends this weekend.

A last story involves two teenagers who robbed a store with BB guns and were captured on Homeland NASA cameras. The Florida judge agree that the defense attorney had the right to visit Homeland to determine the film capture, maintenance, chain of custody, validity, software used, etc. The prosecutor folded and let them walk. Is this the death of Homeland’s need to watch us if that information cannot be used in court?

Israel Tales: Two weeks ago Obama announced that the U.S. helped Israel build an atomic bomb. This means that Netanyahu has been lying about not having the bomb. This also means that the U.S. has been donating money to a nuclear power that is in violation of the Symington Act, the non-proliferation Nuclear Power Act. Congress is guilty of treason every year they give funds to Israel.

Yesterday Israel’s CIA, the Mossad, published five years worth of communications revealing that Iran does not have an interest in developing a nuclear weapon. This also goes in the face of Netanyahu.

Over the weekend Israel did what it always does when it needs world sympathy, it arrested a Holocaust perpetrator to gain press coverage. This perpetrator is a 94 year old man who was a medic in an internment camp hospital.

Greece: No word yet on their stalling deal that must be approved by the Greek Parliament.

Ukraine: Poroshenko is vowing to attack the East again next month.

Sniper In Hurt Locker: It appears that the Academy Awards did the right thing by passing on American Sniper. Perhaps they learned their lesson the last time the U.S. put out another propaganda film, The Hurt Locker, and it won over the exceptional movie Avatar. All of the media hype that on it’s opening weekend, Sniper grossed more than Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan has done in total. I think the lies are coming home.

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