Clarion Call: Why the American Mall is Dying

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from The Wealth

Today we take a look at the U.S. retail sector in general, and the American mall specifically.  There is serious trouble brewing for the remaining malls in the states, and it isn’t simply due to the “digital shopping revolution”.  The truth is that something ominous and gruesome is starting to be felt throughout the entire retail sector, and these are just the first casualties.

We examine the real reason behind the excruciating decline and death of U.S. malls and major retail establishments here.  What is occurring is a tragic but predictable consequence of something sinister, that we’ve entirely allowed to happen, and the pain is only just beginning.

Lastly, we review some tough choices that Americans will be forced to make, in order to try to restore sound economic footing on the other side of the collapse.  If you ever wanted a stark reminder that the recession the U.S. entered in 2008 is not only still here, but getting deeper, then I urge you to view the images within the article contained in the video’s description.

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