Biochemistry Science versus the Pharmaceutical-Medical Paradigm

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by  Catherine J. Frompovich, via Activist

What is biochemistry? According to the Medical Dictionary at The Free Dictionary by Farlex, it is

  1. The study of the chemical substances AND vital processes occurring in living organisms. [CJF emphasis added]
  2. The chemical composition of a particular living system or biological substance. [1]

That definition defines, in this writer’s opinion, only half of what the pharmaceutical-vaccine-medical paradigm not only considers, i.e., study of chemical substances, but apparently ignores: chemical physiological impacts that occur in living organisms, i.e., humans, and infants and toddlers, in particular.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many iatrogenic [caused by treatment or diagnostic procedures] [1] diseases!

There’s an excellent example that illustrates the crazy interpretation of biochemistry versus pharmaceutical vaccine pseudoscience, which has been going on for years masquerading as ‘evidence-based medicine’ parroted by the medical profession, the CDC/FDA, federal and state health agencies.

Healthcare consumers and the media, in particular, need to listen to the virtual debate video created by Richard P Milner, the executive director at Public Affairs Media, Inc., that pits Dr. Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Inventor, Chief, Infectious Diseases, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA against Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Researcher, Emeritus Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Kentucky.

Dr. Haley claims that “people like Dr. Offit have no training in toxicology at all.” That statement probably can be applied to most—if not all—medical doctors and healthcare professionals who, through pharmaceutical industry proselytization/sales reps and ‘contrived science publications to approve their products’, believe “hook-line-and-sinker” all the rhetoric about vaccine ‘safety’, ‘efficacy’, and interpreted biochemical baloney.

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