As Purim Approaches, Zionist Psychopaths on the Prowl

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by  Richard Edmondson, via Fig Trees and Vineyards

Perhaps it is the effect the moon has on them. When the Purim holiday arrives six days from now it will be full.

“Jesus is a son of a whore.”
–graffiti spray painted by Zionist vandal

At any rate, with the holiday now rapidly approaching, tensions seem to be ratcheting up in Occupied Palestine. Yesterday I reported on an attack in which a mosque in the West Bank town of al-Jaba was set on fire by Israeli settlers (or “squatters” as our friend Ariadna prefers to call them). Today the target was a religious school operated by Dormition Abbey in East Jerusalem. Here is a report from the Palestine Information Center.

Dormition Church Sustains Damage in Arson Attack By Settlers

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers from the “price tag” gang at dawn Thursday set fire to parts of the Abbey of the Dormition in occupied Jerusalem in the context of their attacks on Christian and Islamic holy places.

According to media sources, the arson attack led to extensive material damage to two ritual rooms.

Luckily, firefighters managed to extinguish the flames and prevent them from extending to other parts of the Church.

The Jewish assailants also spray-painted racist slurs against Arabs and blasphemies against Prophet Jesus on walls of the Church.

The attack took place one day after settlers burned the Mosque of Jab’a village, southwest of Bethlehem.

The price tag gang, which emerged a few years ago, is a group of extremist Jewish settlers who have launched dozens of terrorist and sabotage attacks on Palestinian places of worship, homes, vehicles and cultivated lands.

Although, they know the perpetrators of those attacks, the Israeli police mostly attribute the actions to anonymous vandals and do not conduct serious investigations.

In this regard, Dimitri Diliani, secretary-general of the national Christian coalition in the holy lands, said the Islamic and Christian holy places are systematically targeted by Jewish terrorist gangs.

Diliani held Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu fully responsible for the recent arson attacks on the Mosque of Jab’a village and the Abbey of the Dormition, and all previous and future attacks on Muslim and Christian holy sites by Jewish groups receiving financial, security and political support from his government.

He stressed that the Muslims and Christians’ presence on their land would never be affected by such terrorist actions that unmask the true image of the Israeli right-wing and its fascist government.

The article above notes that the arsonists spray painted “slurs,” but it doesn’t specify the nature of them. However, a report in Ma’an News spells it out:

“Jesus is a son of a whore.”


“Redemption of Zion.”

The epithet about Jesus conforms precisely to the way Christ is depicted in the Talmud. The collection of rabbinical scriptures refers to Mary the Mother of Jesus as a whore who “played the harlot with carpenters.”

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