Anti War Protest in Ukraine: A letter to John Kerry

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by Andrey Manchuk, via New Cold War.org:


To: Mr. John Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States
February 11, 2015

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I am a citizen of Ukraine – a poor country, located in Eastern Europe. They say that George Bush Jr. couldn’t find it on the map. Maybe that’s why the war here began only now, after Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries were freed from authoritarianism and to which the great USA brought democracy and prosperity.
You don’t seem to trust those Germans much, but their intelligence claims that during the Ukrainian civil conflict there have been already some 50,000 casualties. Mainly, these have been civilians. If you recall, this all began with the deaths of some dozens of Ukrainians from sniper fire in Kiev’s Maidan Square, under circumstances still unknown to this very day. This happened a year ago, when you supported the coup in Kiev in order to exchange the regime of a corrupted president for one of mindless politicians that are just as thievish, but much more bloodthirsty and obedient to you. They are now savoring lunches with you at summit meetings, each time asking for loans and weapons to proceed with the war that you call a “struggle for freedom.”But our time has now come. Desperate Ukraine is becoming more and more like the good old USA of your youth – the USA of Senator Joseph McCarty, Dr. Strangelove and the war in Vietnam. Our economy is in deep crisis, the Euromaidan ‘reforms’ are bringing catastrophic success, and the army is heroically retreating before the enemy.

Your leading TV channel CNN, in plain English, calls Ukrainian troops “pro-American forces,” while a minister from your country is skilfully managing our deteriorating economy, thus reinforcing Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and honor.

Our “democratic” politicians have mastered the art of turning blood into money, lessons of which you constantly provide to the world. Recently they announced a fourth wave of military conscription in Ukraine. Surprisingly, it turns out that many people, burdened by the ‘slavish past of communist tyranny’, stubbornly refuse to die and kill their kin from the Donbas region. They refuse to do this even in the name of such fundamental values as those which personally benefit your friends in the Ukrainian government and the national interests of your country.

Many people are hiding from conscription and even fleeing to the large, neighbouring country to the east, which, as is well known, is conducting war against Ukraine. (By the way, this apparent war by our neighbour doesn’t impede our president from conducting very profitable business of his chocolate and candy enterprises on the territory of the aggressor.)

The fugitives from conscription are being hunted down at their workplaces and in their relatives’ homes. But there are still those who dare to come out on the streets and protest against the military draft. This jeopardizes the ability to continue the civil war, which – as we know – provides democratic transformation of our country into cemeteries and ruins.

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